Types Of Sushi Everyone Loves

Types Of Sushi Everyone Loves

Sushi without doubt is one of the most widely eaten dishes across the world. Seafood lovers throng the different Japanese restaurants to try the different types of sushi they offer. The variety is too diverse, and the taste of each is so unique and different that it is extremely difficult to pick a favorite. However, certain types of sushi have indeed gained some precedence over others. Sushi is prepared mainly with rice cooked in vinegar and topped with different kinds of fish as well as many other ingredients. The few popular ones are mentioned below.

Although sushi is famed for its variety, there are certainly a few of the popular, well-known sushi types that warm the hearts of diners for ages. Despite the personal preferences people may have, the following will be among the best, most-loved sushi types that will take you on the imaginary tour to the Japanese sushi stall.

The types of sushi eaten the most, differ from country to country. However, the following list contains the dishes that remain popular in most places.

Fukusa Sushi

In this dish, a thin egg crepe is used to completely envelop the rice to give a rectangular shape.

Inari Sushi

This dish makes use of tofu that is deep fried with rice stuffed in the center. The dish is then given an oblong shape.

Saiku Sushi

Also known as the sushi made on special occasions, this sushi is a blend of many colorful ingredients that liven up the dining table.

Vegetarian Maki

Now even vegetarians can enjoy sushi, with the vegetarian maki. This dish uses purely vegan ingredients with different vegetables forming the main focus of the sushi.

Nigiri Sushi

Usually, a layer of uncooked fish pressed onto a bed of vinegary rice, the dish is specially prepared by hand and given a rectangular shape.


Most of the ingredients in the Sashimi are used raw, except the rice. The fish and vegetables especially are used fresh and give the dish a unique taste.

Temaki sushi

This is one of the types of sushi that happens to be a very popular dish for dinner parties and can be easily made at home. The rice is cooked in vinegar and pressed gently onto some seaweed and covered with the toppings. Then the seaweed is gently wrapped around the rice and cut into boxes.

Chirashi Sushi

This sushi is perhaps the most unique of them all. The ingredients are prepared in such a way that the dish resembles a salad more than it resembles traditional sushi. However, the taste is unmistakably sushi-ish.


In this dish, a very fine layer of rice is used, a feat achieved by tremendous pressure applied to the rice. The rice is then covered with nori, a traditional name for black seaweed. This helps to keep the topping usually fish, in its place.