Funds raised through our Chefs Help Japan will be collected through a Share Our Strength designated 501c3 and will go to two groups: Second Harvest Japan and Zengyoren.

JF Zengyoren is a nationwide federation of JF (Japan Fisheries Cooperatives) organized by fishers in local areas.:
JF Zengyoren is designed to protect the fishery management and lives of JF members, foster rich marine resources, contribute to the creation of enriched communities, and improve the social and economic status of cooperative members. It works in collaboration with JF (Japan Fisheries Cooperatives) and federation of JF. Toward its goals, it is stepping up activities to preserve, and hand down to future generations the blessings of the beautiful and blue seas. The JF Zengyoren consists mainly of prefectural JF federations of fisheries cooperative associations, as well as about 1,057 fisheries cooperative associations engaged in coastal fishing activities throughout the nation. URL: http://www.zengyoren.or.jp/syokai/jf_eng1.html

Second Harvest Japan:
Second Harvest Japan collects food from corporations and individuals and distribute the food to those in need at charitable agencies. Second Harvest Japan is the first food bank in Japan.

Ever since the Tohoku-Kanto earthquake, which brought with it a terrifying 14-meter tsunami, ravaged northeastern Japan on March 11, Second Harvest's tiny office has been serving as a key point for disaster relief.
URL: www.2hj.org

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