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Japanese cuisine is an art a field. To Choose products to provide a sense of well being, to prepare to bring out the best of their flavour and their virtues, to interpret the beauty of nature with dishes cooked and presented on a plate. Above all, respect the work, producer, chef, servers, and sites' stylist. A group with great experience in the Japanese Culinary Art. We convey to all those seeking to become connoisseurs of this art of authenticity and creativity. To achieve your dreams and challenges we accompany you to the top professional levels.

Hiroko Kageyama: Interior designer, she organizes events for 20 years and staged for the industry of fashion and decoration in Paris, London and Tokyo. - Events on Japanese Art of Hosting (Hotel Ritz in Paris February 1998) 4000 pasxrticipants, 8 o'clock news on nation TV (TF1-JT) ; a documentary on a national show (TV5) - Fashion, decoration and Garden Exhibition in Normandy (in Tokyo in April 1999) 7500 visitors - Japan, the Guest of Honour (a Japanese Village at the International Fair of Caen 2002) 28000 visitors - A Japanese Exhibition and Show at the FOIRE DE PARIS: « Beauty in 2004 » « Games in 2005», 75000 visitors, TV Report TV6.

Chef Allen Susser:
James Beard Award recipient, Chef Allen Susser, owner of the acclaimed Chef Allen's has asked Chefs across the world to join him in his effort to gather relief funds to help the victims of the Tsunami and Hurricane in Japan. He is no stranger to helping in times of dire need. Back in 1992, Chef Allen hosted a Hurricane Andrew relief effort. This was his first disaster relief: organizing a chef effort that raised money for food and water for the victims of the hurricane that struck Miami. Again after hurricane Katrina he followed up on several initiatives to help the people of New Orleans and in particular the 9th ward - which was worst hit. This past year Susser helped with efforts to raise money for the victims of the earthquake that devastated Haiti. A longtime chairman of Taste of the Nation/Share Our Strength, Susser has helped raise millions for South Florida's needy and plans to bring his charitable efforts to an new level with the Culinary Messengers. Read Chef Allen's Full Bio Here.


Culinary Messengers and Chef Help Japan, together, have created a network of grand chefs across the world to participate in this fundraiser. Each Chef selected will be leader, high profile, and influential in the culinary world. Together their voices and actions can facilitate the message of our cooperative's goal. Goal : to help rebuild all the destruction (fishing equipment, villages and the port) and will also assist with children with missing parents.
  • Allen Susser - Chef Allen's - Miami

  • Alan Wong - Alan Wong's - Hawaii

  • Susan Spicer - Mondo - New Orleans

  • Thomas Buckely - Nobu - Miami

  • Jonathan Dearden - Jade Mountain - St Lucia

  • Andre Bienvenu - Joes Stone Crab - Miami

  • Gabriel Fenton - Bourbon Steak - Aventura

  • Douglas Rodriguez - D Rodriguez - South Beach

  • Bill Cardwell - Cardwells at the Plaza - B.C. Kitchen - Cleveland

  • John Howie - Sea Star Restaurant - Seattle

  • Dawn Sieber - Culinary school - Jacksonville

  • Abe Ng - Sushi Maki - Miami

  • Ingrid Hoffmann - The Food Network / Telemundo

Event 1- Charity SAKURA, FOOD FOREVER in Paris 13th April 2011 - Paris Menu.PDF

In France, 9 Chefs of the Ordre Culinaire International will mobilise in order to present their support by organising a culinary event at the Petit Palais Museum (The museum contains the works of art influenced by Japanese art from the nineteenth century. Use of the Auditorium, the coffee shop and the interior flower garden) in Paris, directed by Hevé Jouanneau (Culinary Advisor: Provides services developments (products, creativity, construction of tastes and textures, fusion cuisine) serving food companies. Culinary workshops around a theme (Ingredients, wellness, love of well done work)and Philippe Gardette (Founding President of the Ordre Culinaire International. General Coordinator of the International Gourmet Competition of Arpajon, as well as manager and creator of culinary events, demonstrations, and cooking show).

Organization of an interactive cooking show with an Audiovisual background illustrating the cherry blossom season in Japan. Reinvented French dishes with Japanese ingredients based on the SAKURA theme The dishes, which were prepared in front of the public, will be presented by models dressed in kimono. Juan Martinez/Philippe Gardette/Lucie Joudiou/Jean-Yves Corvez/Olivier Chaput/ Christophe Dié/Sandrine Baumann-Hautin/Hervé Jouanneau/Jacques Genin

Event 2 - Charity Cooking class and garden diner Lunch box with Thailand and Japanese Specialities (Lille)- Southida Persoons / Le Banyan

Event 3- A day Fishing Charity (Amorgos Island in Greece) restaurant-capetan dimos http://www.amorgos-island-magazine.com/restaurant-capetan-dimos-katapola

Event 4 – A day Fishing Charity ( Algavia in Portugal)-José Vila/Coisas da Terra e do mar

Event 5- A day Fishing Charity ( Lembongan island in Bali)- Clément Fouqueré/Indiana Kenanga http://www.indiana-kenanga-villas.com

Event 6 – Children's Charity Picnic (Rabat- Morocco)- Fatema Hal / Mansouria http://www.fatemahalreceptions.com/mansouria.html

Event 7- Cooking book sign party (Paris-Maison Kaiseki) –Hisa Takeuchi http://www.kaiseki.com
Takeuchi send the benefit for the transportation of the water to Tohoku

Event 8- Charity Diner (Buddha bar :Buddha-Bar : Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, Kiev, London, Mexico, Monte Carlo, Paris, Prague Sao Paolo, Washington Little Buddha Bar: Amsterdam Dakar Geneva Hurghada Kaliningrad Las Vegas Nicosie Sharm El Sheikh) – Eric Rousselieres, Masato Nakabayashi Organization, once a week a fundraiser evening special Japan, plus a donation of a percentage of their profits from their different restaurants from around the world. Add to that the presence of the President of Buddha Bar Paris at the charity evening at the Petit Palais.

Event 9- Invitation of a live painter from Sendai (Paris-Place des Vosges) Cultural event "La route de Denim" – Culinary Messengers: Bin Muto /Toshiya Takatsuka/Mitsuru Konishi

SPONSORSHIP TO Culinary Messengers.jp

BUDDHA BAR Little Buddha Café, Bushido, Buddha Bar The place is known primarily for its trendy electric world music. Buddha Bar is a exotic-chic bar-restaurant, in an cozy atmosphere, with creative cocktails and an Asian-influenced fusion cuisine. http://www.buddha-bar.com/

JACQUES GENIN, France Chairman, Jacques Genin Former pastry chef at La Maison du Chocolat, the chocolatier Jacques Genin opened one of the most prestigious Chocolatier in Paris. With hot beverages are served sweet melted caramel, thin ganache, hiding within them an infusion of herbs and delicate spices, chocolates from all backgrounds absolutely smooth in taste, explosive in accuracy for a rendez-vous of pleasure that they consistently provide. Created especially for this event, a caramel called FOREVER http://www.chocoparis.com/jacques-genin/

KAI CORPERATION, Japon Chairman, Mitsukuni Asako KAI is a company that currently manufactures, sells, exports and imports more than 10,000 different kinds of cutlery and cutting tools, ranging from kitchen utensils to cosmetic accessories and surgical implements. Will Supply high-quality kitchen equipment. http://www.kai-group.com/e/

LE DELAS, France Chairman, Antoine Boucomont The largest supplier of marine products in Japan Their values: a human relationship is vital both with our suppliers and with our customers. Trust is also transparency: prices clearly displayed, a rigorous communications concerning products and services. Le Delas will provide the food. http://www.ledelas.fr/

ORDRE CULINAIRE INTERNATIONAL, France Chairman, Philippe Gardette Chefs participating to the SAKURA, FOOD FOREVER, event on the 13th April 2011. (Philippe Gardette, Lucie Joudion, Jean Yves Corvel, Olivier Chaput, Christophe Dié, Sandrine Baumann-Hautin et Hervé Jouanneau.) http://www.ordreculinaire.com/

FOODEX, France Chairman, Nicolas Mercier Import and distribution of food product. Present on 5 continents, Foodex offers the best and tastiest flavors of all over the world. Directly imported from its original country, each product has gone through careful research. Foodex guarantees the quality label of its selections. Provide beverage, tea, sake, and a separate donation. http://www.foodex.fr/?language=en

SODEXO Formerly Sodexho Alliance, is a French multinational corporation headquartered in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.[2] Sodexo is one of the largest food services and facilities management companies in the world, with 380,000 employees, representing 130 nationalities, present on 30,600 sites in 80 countries. Sodexo is organized into two entities: Food Services/Facilities Management and Service Vouchers/ Cards. Sodexo services many sectors including private corporations, government agencies, schools from elementary through university, hospitals and clinics, assisted-living facilities, military bases, and correctional facilities. http://www.sodexo.com/group_en/default2.asp

GL-EVENTS, France Chairman, Olivier Gnion First international group of cultural events, GL Events, has a perfect knowledge of the world of events, expert on the whole chain of businesses, provides a unique capability of creativity, ideas, for your event and your communication strategy. (Wine and Gastronomy Exhibition, Tasting and Gastronomy Exhibition, Bocus d'Or, World Cup of Pastry, National Contest of Artistic Cuisine). http://www.gl-events.com/


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